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How to get to Chiangrai

How to get to Chiangrai

Chiangrai is a northern province near the border of Thailand. It is about 785 kilometers from Bangkok. You can go there by airplane, train, bus, or even by your own car.

By Car :
From Bankok, take highway 32 , pass Ayudthaya, Singburi, Chainat and Uthai Thani. When you reach Nakhonsawan, you can either
1. Continue with highway 1, pass Lanpang and Phayao, into Chiangrai ( 830 kilometers).
2. Drive on the route Nakhonsawan-Lampang-Chiang Mai - Chiangrai (900 kilometers).
3. Drive on the route Nakhonsawan-Phitsanulok-Prae-Chiangrai (804 kilometers).

By Bus :
Many kinds of buses leave Bangkok in the evening and arrive at Chiangrai in the morning. The journey takes about 9 hours.

By Train :
You can board the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and continue with local bus for about 224 kilometers. Or you can simply continue with airplane from Chiang Mai to Chiangrai, which takes only about 30 minutes.

By Airplane :
There are 7 flights from Bangkok to Chiang Rai Airport everyday.

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